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Arcade Fire debuted new song ‘I Can’t Wait’ live

Arcade Fire debuted new song ‘I Can’t Wait’ live during their appearance on Stephen Colbert’s US election special on Tuesday (03.11.20).

Win Butler and co gave fans the first listen of the song on the TV special on Showtime.

On the track, the frontman sings: “Say wait until tomorrow/ Cos today is always strange.

“Say wait until you’re older and you will understand/ They say the generation’s coming/ I don’t think they understand that I am not a patient man.”

The group had been encouraging their fans to vote by sharing their election day playlist as part of the #JoyToThePolls campaign, while last week, they posted a 2010 performance of ‘Culture War’ for Bon Iver’s ‘A Campaign to Make Your Vote Count’.

Meanwhile, Win recently revealed they’ve made “two or three albums” amid the coronavirus pandemic.

He said: “This time around we’ve been in lockdown, [we] have a studio, have every keyboard, drum machine, piano – everything I could want – and f****** time.

“The one piece that’s been missing [on previous albums] is the time, and now the time is there.”

The ‘Ready to Start’ star admitted earlier this year that writing for the Canadian group’s first LP since 2017’s ‘Everything Now’ had “intensified” in lockdown, while he revealed they previously recorded a track called ‘Age of Anxiety’.

Win also admitted he believes the health crisis will “only strengthen music as an art form”, despite the devastating financial impact it’s having on the industry.

In a handwritten note to fans posted on Instagram, he wrote: “We had been exploring a lot of lyrical and musical themes that feel almost eerily related to what is happening now (we actually have a song called Age of Anxiety written a year ago for Christ’s sake – ha ha ).

“Needless to say, the writing has intensified, and the work is flowing out… It is challenging as ever, and with just as much purpose.

“Though this crisis may ultimately change or destroy aspects of the music industry, I believe it will only strengthen music as an art form. It has never felt more essential, spiritual and irreplaceable…a church that lives in the air between the source and your ears. (sic)”

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