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Blanks releases collection of his greats with ‘cheap sodas and ice cream kisses’

Producer extraordinaire and lover of all things 80s, Blanks is here with his first EP, collecting together some of his best-loved releases to date.

Opening with newcomer ‘Favourite Nightmare’, this EP kicks off with a firm reminder of who Blanks is as a musician and producer – someone who sees the good in everything, and if there is no ‘good’, at least knows how to set a tale of woe to an absolute BOP (as the kids say) of a tune. ‘Favourite Nightmare’ tells the story of the fallout of a breakup, something we know all too well, but Blanks’ sunny disposition and groovy basslines turn this tune into an absolute earworm, catchy hooks and pitch-perfect vocal to match his sepia-tinged lyricism.

Track two is the undisputed champion of the EP – ‘Dance Alone’. A track he released unprompted when lockdown began, and put on Spotify by popular demand, it’s easy to see why this song is now one of his most popular. Capturing the bewildered and lonely state of early lockdown, Blanks turns his hand to shoegaze to channel his feelings into a wholly relatable song which never strays too far into mope-y territory whilst still managing to remain wholly relatable. In 2020, that’s an impressive line to walk.

The rest of the EP is summer jam after summer jam, with last year’s breakout song ‘Wave’ making an appearance, and ‘Don’t Stop’ closing off the EP. It’s a welcome release from the musician-producer, and solidifies his status as one of the most intriguing and promising recording artists around today.

In a summer which is looking to be a little lonelier than perhaps any of us expected, a dose of Blanks’ optimism and an 80s-inspired bassline or two is exactly what the doctor ordered.

New Europe dates ‘Going Places’ tour for May 2021:

2) Hamburg – Hakken, Germany
3) Copenhagen – Vega, Denmark
4) Berlin – Kantine am Berghaim, Germany
6) Paris – 1999, France
7) Ghent – Charlatan, Belgium
8) Cologne – Yuca Club, Germany
11) London – Colours Hoxton, UK
12) Dublin – Green Room, Ireland
14) Brighton – The Great Escape, UK
15) Brighton – The Great Escape, UK

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