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Maybon, Rainage and Skylike team up on new single ‘Joyride’

A dream team of rising electronic music talent, Maybon, Rainage and Skylike have teamed up for their second single release together with the uplifting ‘Joyride’, released on October 16 via Sony Music Norway. ‘Joyride’ follows their previous collaboration ‘Paradise’ earlier this year, and sees the production talents of all three artists come together to form something truly special. Vocals on the track are provided by Rainage.

“We wrote this song early this year in Lillehammer, Norway,” explains Maybon, “Skylike and Rainage visited LIMPI (Lillehammer Institute of Music Production and Industries) as former students to meet up with me. When heading off to the session all the snow made Rainage think back to sunny youthful days and how his life back in January contrasted his past. With the cold weather at the time he felt kind of cold inside as well. We brought this with us to the session and wrote this song as a love letter to Rainage’s sunny past.”

21-year-old Eivind Wøien (aka Maybon) from rural Norway is a self-taught artist and producer. In his short time making music, he’s seen some huge success in his native country. Always motivated by the creative process of writing and making music, he has never shied away from a challenge. Last year was offered a unique opportunity for an intensive one-year talent developing program for artists, songwriters and producers at LIMPI (Lillehammer Institute of Music Production and Industries). “LIMPI is one of the best things to ever happen to me! Never before have I learned so much, or produced so much music, as during this year. My tracks improved week by week, and I feel like a new person.”

Singer-songwriter Rainage and producer-songwriter Skylike are, much like Maybon himself, artists with unique qualities.

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