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Pennan Brae 'Wiggle' video premiere

Music-News.com is proud to host the exclusive world premiere of ‘Wiggle’ by Pennan Brae.

Musicians who double as screenwriters and filmmakers are a special breed. They think visually as well as sonically – and they’re likely to find connections between what can be seen and what can be heard that other artists miss. Artists like Pennan Brae often demonstrate a productive kind of synesthesia: a conflation of the senses and imagination without boundaries. On “Wiggle,” his ferociously catchy new single, he sings of “watching the colors explode into sound.” Not everybody can do that. But he sure can. Better yet, he can make those distinctive colors and that unforgettable sound visible and audible to his audience.

“Wiggle,” a stinging, upbeat guitar-rock track with echoes of ’70s psychedelia and garage rock, comes from the score to 2 Below 0, Pennan Brae’s second collaboration with director Tim Cash of Far From Earth Films. Brae and Cash make movies that lead with their quirkiness and their deep humanity: offbeat, warm, funny, slightly surreal and very playful, and deliberately and wonderfully out-of-step with standard Hollywood conventions. The Astronot, their prior independent feature, took laurels at Los Angeles Cinefest, the Paris Art And Movie Awards, the Director’s Cut International Film Festival in Canada, the Honolulu Film Awards and many other events. 2 Below 0, which, like The Astronot, features Brae in a starring role, looks certain to extend the pair’s winning streak. The screenplay won Best Screenplay at the Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema and the film has screened at the Culver City Film Festival and Canadian International Comedy Film Festival to name but a few.

These acclaimed indie films aren’t just demonstrations of Pennan Brae’s screenwriting and acting. They also showcase his marvelously illustrative, effortlessly time-traveling songs. Brae composed the entire soundtrack to The Astronot, and he’s turned the trick again for 2 Below 0. Once again, the film is set in the not-so-distant past – 1979, to be specific – and Brae has written a set that grounds the storytelling in real historical specificity. That’s because Pennan Brae is a classic rocker to the core: a guitar-slinger with a knack for catchy melody presented with just enough abrasion to make an indelible impression. The wordy, relentlessly entertaining, danceable, provocative “Wiggle” is a song like that.

Rob Fitzgerald’s lyric clip for “Wiggle” is something of a stylish throwback, too. In frame after delicious frame, he treats the viewer to an array of images from vintage Las Vegas: footage of the legendary era of old casinos, showgirls, and stacks of chips. Over these shots, the words from “Wiggle” slide around, collide, flip and flash, and radiate the same sort of irrepressible energy that the song does. It’s a whirl of activity, a blur of light and color and sound, presented by a true multimedia media.

For more info visit: www.PennaBrae.com

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