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This week’s emerging and self-releasing artists

Every week, Music News and Liberty Music look at the best new releases from emerging and self-releasing artists.

Nadia Vaeh – ‘Anxiety’

Following up the release of her highly successful singles ‘Rise’ and ‘Boomerang’ earlier this year, LA-based singer and songwriter Nadia Vaeh is back once again with her latest pop anthem ‘Anxiety’. Cutting closer to home on this new offering, her latest track channels a more intimate side to her sound as she opens up entirely to create a more memorable and captivating return.

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Ryan Jantz – ‘Real’

After the glorious success of his recently released studio album ‘Baby Face’, New York-based singer and songwriter Ryan Jantz is back to his woozy ways with his latest gem ‘Real’. Taking his psych-pop cues from the likes of Toro Y Moi and Glass Animals, this breezy and laid-back return is the perfect accompaniment to kicking back under the summer sun.

JustSidekicks – ‘Home’ ft. Daphne

Having spent the last few months releasing one terrific offering after another, US alt-pop duo JustSidekicks are now back at it once again as they share their newest delight ‘Home’. Working alongside guest vocalist Daphne, the trio bring together a heady mix of soaring guitar hooks and pounding electronics to create a truly broad and diverse new release.

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Becoming Young – ‘Temptation’

With a sound that has been likened to acts such as Jeremy Zucker and Ed Sheeran, singer and songwriter Brandon Calano aka Becoming Young is now back to his anthemic ways with his new single ‘Temptation’. Starting off as a smooth and sweeping return before exploding into a bold and energetic direction leaves this return feeling like one of his most euphoric to date.

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Myles Reed & Kevin Kloud – ‘Granite’

With a string of fresh and impactful hip-hop gems under their belt already this year, emerging duo Myles Reed & Kevin Kloud are not looking to slow down just yet as they deliver the bouncing new single ‘Granite’. Following that same bright and head-nodding aesthetic they have been showing throughout 2020, this new jam is just the latest in many incredible tracks from the pair in recent months.

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